School Goals


The gist of these goals will be based on the six schools-wide goals for student learning developed by the School Study Evaluation:
1) Learning -to-learn skills: Students should … 
    a. Make a commitment to creating quality work & striving for excellence.
    b. Use a variety of learning strategies, personal skills, & time management skills to enhance learning.
    c. reflect on & evaluate their learning for the purpose of improvement.
2) Expanding & integrating knowledge: Students should…
    a. Connect knowledge & experience from different subject areas.
    b. Use what they already know to acquire new knowledge, develop new skills, experiences and understanding.
    c. Demonstrate integrated knowledge & skills in applying multidisciplinary approaches to solving problem or compuleting tasks.
3) Communication skills: Students should …
    a. Communicate with clarity, purpose & understanding of audience.
    b. Integrate the use of a variety of communication forms & use a wide range of communication. 
    c. Recognize, analyze & evaluate various forms of communication.
4) Thinking & researching skills (critical thinking, problem solving, & creative thinking): students should… 
    a. Gather & use information effectively to gain new information & knowledge, classify & organize information, support inferences & justify          conclusions appropriate to the context & audience.
    b. Utilize, evaluate & refine the use of multiple strategies to solve a variety of types of problems.
    c. Generate new & creative ideas by taking considered risks in a variety of contexts.
5) Interpersonal Skills: Students should …
    a. Work with others in a variety of situations to set & achieve goals.
    b. Manage & evaluate their behavior as group members.
    c. Deal with disagreement & conflict caused by diversity of opinions & beliefs.
6) Essential knowledge & skills…
   a. Pass school tests successfully.
   b. Finish their homework assignments & projects regularly.
   c. Pass state & federal tests successfully.